Forrest LS Dress Caviar
Forrest LS Dress Caviar

Copper Dress

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Product Description:
Elegant and sweet. This dress from the Danish brand EN FANT is especially perfect for the festive days. This little dress can be combined with leggings and a hair band.
Material: 90% cotton 10% elasthane

Washing: 30° celsius /86° Fahrenheit: machine wash

Model: 90215 Bright LS Dress

About En Fant:

Since December 2012, the brand EN FANT was established by UTOFT KIDS GROUP A / S. At that time the brand consisted of shoes for children in the sizes 18-140. A classic color world and a strong visual expression form the basis for the collections. In "The Enfanted World" live animals that tell a story of enchanted worlds where only the imagination sets limits. This world is the cornerstone of the collections, and the variety of enchanted animals grows from one season to the next



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