Sneakers "Star" Blau
Sneakers "Star" Blau

Baby Sneakers with Velcro-Navy

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Model: Basket Star Navy 814680-04
Super cool sneakers made of hard-wearing leather and rubber soles so that small feet don't slip.
Size recommendation: It is recommended to buy shoes a bit  larger ( app. 1.5 cm larger) than the child's foot.
Size: Print out shoes size guide (see info)
Size Guide:
Size 22: 14.5 cm
Size 23: 15 cm
Size 24: 16 cm
Size 25: 16.5 cm
Size 26: 17 cm
Size 27: 17.5 cm
Size 28: 18 cm
Size 29: 18.5 cm
Size 30: 19 cm
Size 31: 19.5 cm
Size 32: 20 cm
About En Fant:

Since December 2012, the brand EN FANT was established by UTOFT KIDS GROUP A / S. At that time the brand consisted of shoes for children in the sizes 18-140. A classic color world and a strong visual expression form the basis for the collections. In "The Enfanted World" live animals that tell a story of enchanted worlds where only the imagination sets limits. This world is the cornerstone of the collections, and the variety of enchanted animals grows from one season to the next



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