Washing Tips

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At Luv&Lu we aim to provide you with the information to keep your products looking as good the day you bought them for as long as possible!

How to care for Baby Products?

Please always check the care labels of individual garments. Good tip: Use environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Please note that none of our garments have been treated with fire retardant agents. Unlike polyesters, natural fibers such as wool and cotton are naturally fire resistant. However for obvious reasons, garments should be kept away from fire.



How to care for Cotton and Organic Cotton?

Machine wash in cold or warm water (maximum 40° celsius /104° Fahrenheit) with environmentally friendly detergents. For best results (if possible) dry the laundry outside in the fresh air or in the dryer with low temperature.
Do not use fabric softener or bleach.



 How to care for Merino Wool?

Please be particularly careful when washing wool garments. Always check the washing instructions as some of the garments, such as our hand-knitted wool, can be washed by hand only. Please wash the washing machine in cold or warm water. We highly recommend washing with an environmentally friendly liquid wool detergent (also safer for your little one). Dry the wool in the open air or in the dryer at low temperature.
Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
Do not soak or wash with normal detergent powder.


How to care for Lambskin Booties?

Hand wash in lukewarm water only with liquid wool detergents.
Dry the booties with a towel.

or Dry the booties slowly from direct low heat.





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