Since 2000 the Danish Financial Development Group "Søbogaard" has been working together with a group in Napal  on the Gamcha initiative. This initiative produces organic felted animal toys created by talented hand crafters (mainly women) in the Kathmandu region. The material consists of 100% organic wool from New Zealand and is dyed in 100% AZO-Free colouring. By Selling and buying Gamcha toys, together we can help create more jobs for women and thus support gender equality. Many of the Gamcha artists are very creative and are open to new ideas ... so if you have any great ideas for Gamcha toys, contact us and we will forward your message.



History of Gamcha

Gamcha Toys started about 10 years ago by two Nepalese women named Shanti and Nirjala. Since then the business has grown fast. They now have over 125 employees, mostly women. Gamcha felt is the latest initiative, but they also have many other projects in Nepal. In 2007, they acquired Gamcha Organic Farm.

Gamcha Organic Farm produces fresh organic fruits and vegetables, as well as teaches ecology to the people in the area. Gamcha Organic Farm has also a wonderful guest house where people from all over the world can come and stay. Gamcha welcomes everyone to visit the production sites at any time of the year.




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