En-Fant Shoe Measurement Guide

Foot Measurement Guide click Here

PRINT: Print the measurement guide on an A4 sheet.

Aim: Cut or fold the paper along the dotted line. Place the paper on the floor and slide it back against the wall. Place the child's foot on the paper with the heel against the wall. Read the size at the tip of the big toe.

Always measure both feet and select the larger foot of the two sizes.
It is advisable to buy shoes with sizes app. 1-1.5 cm longer than baby's feet.

This table can help you!
Inside dimensions in cm:
20 = 13.2
21 = 13.8
22 = 14.5
23 = 15.1
24 = 15.8
25 = 16.5
26 = 17.0
27 = 17.6
28 = 18.1

Note: These measurements are approximations and can vary by a few millimeters.



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